Dietary behaviors and habits deviate from being a joy to be reasons of undesirable negative impacts

What is Cultured Meat

The world is struggling between how will humanity survive in a safe healthy world, how can the production of animal protein cover the global needs and reach every table and how the animal can be spared from the cruelty of the unsatisfied human with the eager to live; All that comes with a motivation for the scientists to start creating cultivable meat or protein, in another sense to come up with a « Lab-grown meat ».

In Carberies, a word used to show similarity with the word Breweries, cultured meat starts by getting stem cells from any type of living animal, just let it grow in vitro cell, until tissues are created and ready for consumption. Here you go, meat is ready to be served, you lake it rare, mid or well done?

Real Expectations Behind Developing Cultured Meat

While the process of developing that technologie is still at the earliest stages, the light is spotted already on the major visions and non commercial objectives behind it; Culture meat is a gate for several solutions responding to major ethical, economic and environmental problematics, not to be limited to the below:

  • It’s an essential solution acting to fight against world global warming and to replace factory farming who is considered to be responsible for around 37% of global methane emission
  • It has an ethical background which rely on sparing animal from cruel act of killing to survive
  • Cultured meat is expected to be a solution against world food crisis meaning that it gives affordability to all consumers having it on their tables, it’s therefore considered to be a sustainable resource
  • It will reduce the impact of land use and water pollution necessary in case of factory farming

Is Cultured Meat a Real Solution

Despite all the propaganda and the image created for cultured meat developpement, there is still a debate to really secure the transition from theoretical part toward practice real production and effective consumption; Below, we look forward to highlight on some oppositions with those facts pushing for some extra effort toward a transparent way of presenting things

  • Yes cultured meat presents a real solution to reduce methane emission, but never against CO2 emission; the process of producing cultured meat is not far from being another industrial process which relies on different irresponsible or gaz emitting processes
  • Cruelty against animal is not a subject dramatically covered by the new solution which uses « fetal  bovine serum » already derived from animals still in a cruel way
  • Cultured meet will not be available at the moment for everybody, not because of missing quantity of production but clearly due to its surprisingly high price
  • Cultured meat is an alive tissue, developing it is in demand with sugar in consequence we return to the start of the cycle of using lands
  • The waste of that process is not clear enough to define it as a solution against wasting or polluting air and water

Will Cultured Meat be The Elixir of Life?

Besides all what came above, it’s flawless that the subject needs reconsideration of its vision and to think if it’s really a worthy solution to proceed with ?

The matter doesn’t stop at the technical aspect, it exceeds it to social and cultural acceptance: will it be consumable as an alternative?, to heath: is it health like conventional meat? ,to the reasons behind it: is it really developed to be a solution or to be a new market business aiming commercial gains? and at the end will it be certified by worldwide food federations?

With all those questions we can say it is still early to decide whether to accept and support that innovative solution or to oppose to it.

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