The climate change red alert is announced and the flag for serious direct action is raised and no delay is allowed; what is the overall plan and how to achieve it

Level of Radicalism in the Fight Against Climate Change

What needs to be brought to the surface is the fact that even climate change aspects and tools have been diverted to serve marketing strategy and commercial attractiveness; that reminds what happened with Ryanair’s advertisement claiming it was the airline with the lowest emissions in Europe without sufficient evidence to support this claim. And a Hyundai ad, claiming a car purifies the air, was also deemed misleading by the ASA .

On another example, this also happens with Tesla cars where yes producing electric cars is one of their basics but used from a marketing point of view.

This makes it clear that regulations must be in place to monitor the right movement down the path to reducing emissions and continuous monitoring must exist to ensure sound and realistic progress.

Green Industry Capitalism Production

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the term « green capitalism » exists which reflects the fact that environmental associations or groups are primarily funded by oil and gas companies, which in turn will create ambiguity as to whether the objective is realistic way to solve climate change. cause or not.

Additionally, and from a totally different but related perspective, materials for green energy generation and low-emission technologies are not evenly distributed across the planet, raising the question of material monopoly or a weapon of strength unless all nations are united in a common spirit.

In addition, moving towards the energy transition, green technology products will be just a new product designed, developed and manufactured in developed but limited countries that always comes down to another production monopoly


So far, from this perspective, tackling climate change and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050 will only be a mirage; This mission will never be a stand-alone task, it is a global action for a common goal, so significant economic compensation should be considered and a unified vision should be pointed.

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