Shading is the 1st enemy against solar panel efficiency

How does the shade affect solar panel system efficiency?

The solar panels are connected in series, forming a « string » to the inverter. This loop works like the batteries in a remote control; if all your batteries are charged, your remote control works, but if one of the batteries is dead, you can press all the buttons on your remote control, you won’t be able to do anything! Well it’s exactly the same for your solar panels! Imagine a shadow on one of your panels, well it’s like a dead battery; your installation doesn’t produce anything!

That’s why it’s important to make a shadowing study before installation to avoid any inconvenience. To be noted  that this problem persists even in the very sunny or deserted countries; Shadowing can be due to accumulated dust which creates a serious threat.

But be careful! It’s not because you don’t have shade at noon in the middle of July, that you won’t have any at 10 am in the middle of winter!

First, because the sun goes from east to west from morning to evening, and second because its height depends on the seasons; the sun is higher in summer, generating shorter shadows, and lower in winter, generating longer shadows.

So, how to optimize its production?


There are not a hundred thousand solutions. The one we recommend, in addition to conducting a proper shading study, is simply to equip not a central inverter, but a system with a power optimizer behind each module, the production is managed at the panel level and not at the inverter level, if there is a defective panel or with shading, it will not affect the production of others.

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