Social media, a double-edged sword!

Social Media in An Ideal Perspective

The story started with the great boom of Facebook, which introduced a user-friendly tool or platform into society. It allowed the person to be in a totally virtual society on the screen of his PC (at the time when cell phones were not yet smart).
People admired this new aspect that allowed them to be in easy and continuous contact with their relations; moreover, it attracted users in part emotionally, looking for old friends, etc.
So social media started with a great title of easy virtual networking.

The Devilish of Social Media


As with all new social or technological creations, of which nuclear energy is the most famous, it is difficult to ensure its safety specially when human eager interferes. Man has begun to manipulate the new social media tools to meet his needs in a global way, affecting not only his network but also himself.
As stated, social media is a weapon that, if misused, leads to unintended yet aggressive consequences (link).

  • Addiction: starting from babies to adults, social media becomes an inseparable daily companion
  • Waste of time: social media is hollow, presenting both necessary and unnecessary substances; curiosity and the desire to explore drive the user to tackle both.
  • A means of distraction: in the context of addiction, users tend to access social media most of the time.
  • A pathway to depression: Communication in social media is virtual and mostly empty; the lack of physical communication and emotional exchange is a key factor in depression.
  • Space for expression: every user has the right to express themselves; the problem is that social media puts us in contact with irrelevant and unprofessional expressions.
  • Significant effect on taste and choice: some users rely on the opinions of others to make their decisions and choices; this can sometimes fall into the category of misinformation.
  • Lack of privacy: users tend to expose their personal details and daily lives.
  • Insecurity: it is a place where one is in contact with strangers, so there is a trust issue and an obvious insecurity.

Despite all the positive aspects represented under the umbrella of social media, people tend to misuse it by nature. Moreover, as it is a rapidly changing environment, we cannot expect it to offer solutions, but rather to present problems that will make us think about solutions.

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